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Milestone Homes About Us

about us.

We're the Sunshine Coast's fastest growing builder, and with good reason.

Decades of experience servicing both the residential and commercial marketplace allow us to be the Sunshine Coast's fastest growing builder. We work closely with our clients in an effort to add value and ensure each project runs at optimum efficiency. We have an extensive list of services designed to alleviate the stress of building from concept to completion, including -


engineering / designer drawings / certification / approvals / build / renovation / home improvement / advice / retrospective approval / project management / construction management / maintenance

why milestone.

At milestone we pride ourselves on some key points of difference.

Total Customization. Transparency.  Absolute Communication.

Customization we believe is that the most enjoyable part in building your own home .  We have separated ourselves from the rest and created unique methods to achieve maximum customization for our clients.

We are here to listen and turn your ideas into your home.

When building with milestone everything we know, you know. We want you to trust us and we do this through transparency. No secrets, No hidden costs. With us it's all on the table for you to see.

We want you involved from start to finish.  As a custom builder this is important to us. The more information you have the better the outcome and as your builder its our job to ensure you have everything you need to know. In all relationships communication is key and it's no different with us and our clients. 


After spending 20 years working in the building and construction industry as a project manager, managing director Russell Thompson formed Milestone Homes in early 2005. Russell’s experience extends over a wide range of projects including urban development, commercial & residential building, sport and recreation, parks and leisure, petrochemical, heavy industrial , waste & resource and mining infrastructure.


During the last ten years, Milestone has grown and delivered numerous building projects ranging in value up $100M for private, local and state government clients. This strong background in project management has allowed us to apply invaluable skills and attributes to the residential building market, with the first Milestone Home successfully completed in 1992.


Driven by determination, excellence, and the ideal coastal lifestyle, we’ve constantly refined our craft to become one of the leading home builders on the Sunshine Coast. Today, we design and build a range of energy-efficient, contemporary homes that stand out from the crowd.


The Thompson family comes from a long line of builders, with Russell’s grandfather issued one of the first Queensland builder’s licenses back in the early 1930s. Long hours and manpower saw homes built from scratch, starting with felling and milling the timber from local forests. The Coalbank church was a notable build by Russell’s grandfather in the mid 1930s, along with numerous farm houses and sheds in the Oakey and Acland area.