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favourite fireplace trends

It's certainly true that a fireplace is the heart of a home. It's the place where we cozy up and set our minds to rest. From a design perspective fireplaces provide architectural interest and are a great focal point in any room. Our interior design team can modernise your existing fireplace or install an energy efficient fireplace insert with custom designed fireplace surround. Natural wood, tiles, plaster or concrete, the options are endless, to suit any interior style!

PLANKING: Would you consider wood paneling around your fireplace?

CONCRETE RENDER: Clean modern aesthetic, finishes can be tinted with oxides and various textures can be created from smooth and level to heavily undulating, earthen and rustic.

TILING: There are many options for tiling your fireplace surround. This feature wall can spruce up the room with an additional splash of colour such as hand painted tiles or a neutral colour scheme which is always pleasing to the eye. Fire resistant "wood look" tiles are also another option.


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